Zona Berita

Papua Council: Indonesia Papuans May Extinct

Zona Damai– General Secretary of Papuan Customary Council, Leo Imbiri, said the Papuan people want the government to be serious in dealing with a number of issues affecting Papuan communities. It is apparent now, he said, that the Papuans are marginalized.

“We can’t benefit from our resources. Yet, our people may one day disappear from this land,” said Leo in a meeting with Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR), today.

Leo said the number of indigenous people in the province significantly decreases while newcomers keep coming to Papua. “Today, the number of strangers may exceed those of the natives. But the data is not yet valid. We believe that a systematic attempts to marginalize the native Papuans have been launched,” he said.

“This means that the Papuans don’t have any future with Indonesia,” he said.

Leo expects Commission I can seal the future of the Papuans with Indonesia.

He highlighted issues on Papua’s political status and human rights violations. [ VIVAnews ]

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